Thursday, January 12, 2017

Repurpose Content to Bring in Traffic

The good thing when dealing in a niche that consumers hate there is plenty of content to be repurposed and incorporated in your content or web 2.0 properties to keep the Search engines coming back and reindexing your properties.

For instance you are able to pull in RSS feeds of searches like in the sidebar here. This will keep fresh content on the site and validate points being made in your content. When they get sued again in Federal court it will instantly update the properties that are created to drive affiliate conversions and make them seem more relevant to the search engines.

This is just a simple addition to a bigger strategy.

Today I spent over $800.00 in domain names to start to build out this network of sites to target collection agency traffic. The ancillary benefit is to drive traffic on more broad terms such as credit repair, FDCPA, TCPA but the long tail is for the win.

I will use evergreen and aggressive SEO techniques. Here is a plan that you can use for any niche to be monetized with CPA or CPC. I am breaking the rule of exposing niches here but don't care. If I have 5 other aggressive marketers follow my lead and attack my targets it is still a win.

  1. 5 Money Sites to Start - After network matures for 3 to 6 months will add a new money site every 45 to 60 days.
  2. 50 domain PBN with the addition of 10 to 15 new PBN sites with every new money site.
  3. Core social media alias per site to include one web 2.0 publishing platform and 3 core social media accounts.
  4. IFTT network supporting each web 2.0.
  5. Syndwire profiles and accounts to optimize Youtube videos to rank for individual collection agency names.
One of the major goal is to build a list around this network as well. This will be fairly easy to do with Facebook pages and lead capture opt ins.

My total outlay as budgeted is $5800.00 to launch this network. Expect to have positive cash flow in 45 days. Should develop into a 60K plus a year enterprise in 14 to 20 months.

I had a network before tied to identity theft and still have some assets in place. When this network was active it was generating $2500 to $4000 per month primarily via LifeLock conversions. That got cluttered and I became busy in my offline business of providing online marketing services to car dealers. Points of priority and it faded away. That business has sold and now I have some free time on my hands.

Thanks Charlie for waking up my passion. I'll only play golf two days per week and fish only one. I will be moving this case study over to is own domain soon.. 

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Targeting Collection Agencies for Profit and Fun

Collection agencies are the biggest bottom feeders. They capitalize on people who have had some financial problems. Typically when an account is in collections the original creditor has given up on being paid. The collection agency gets the debt and when they collect it they keep the bulk of the money, unless they are a junk debt buyer then they keep it all.

 Recently I was contacted by a collection agency "The Law Firm of Charles McCarthy and Associates" They had a wrong number. However my interaction with them was comical and they proved to be over the top, hyper aggressive, bottom feeders.

The good thing about this niche is there are 100's if not 1000's of collection agencies that operate in the same shady manner as these guys. Even better there are dozens of high paying affiliate offers that consumers could benefit from if they are targeted by these agencies.

I will be using Mr McCarthy's firm, Portfolio Recovery and the unlicensed operation of Creditors Alliance as springboards to lay the foundation of content to drive traffic to offers that I will profit from. 

Update: Also Adding Forrest Recovery Services, LLC, DanCyn and Pan Am Collections to the party..

The key is to have well optimized landing pages for the actual company names that push back to offers. The good thing is these companies are such dirtbags it is easy to find content to repurpose to push traffic to generate conversions to help optimize those pages.

The good thing about this type of foundation is when these companies change their names like Mr McCarthy does after compliance issues you can redirect on the new company name. They can run but never hide.

I have multiple phone conversations recorded of people that work for Charles McCarthy using derogatory language even one of the collectors saying that Mr McCarthy told him to tell me to go get f.....d. I am in the process of getting them repurposed into video content so consumers and potential clients will be able to see how unprofessional this organization is in dealing with the public and their ineptness of handling discourse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Brand Name Experiment - Negative SEO

I recently was called by a collection agency. It was a wrong number. After I told them they had the wrong person the calls kept coming. After googling the name of the company their online reputation is not so good. You would expect that for a collection agency.

Currently (1-11-17) the BBB website out ranks their name. They rank number two for their name.

In an attempt to validate certain theories I will use the name of this collection agency and the associated search volume to drive traffic and profit.

I will also attempt to manipulate the search engine result pages to push their company website onto page two for searches of the name of their company and associated renditions.

Let the games begin boys..

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Endeavors - Old routines - Bank that Cash

All that New Years hoopla is shit. Get caught up in the yearning and reflection. Great way to waste a bunch of fucking time. People represent about their plans for the new year and all they do is talk about it. They make zero plans and execute nothing. They give up before they ever getting started. Fuck That

I have been working on a lot of things personally over the last six month and have moved myself into a position to get back in the game full time providing marketing services to other businesses. At my core I am a digital marketer. I could sell shit sandwiches online and get you to look forward to eating it.

There are a few ways to make money helping other business market themselves:

  1. Webdesign services - If I do that I will just be the middleman. I can't stand doing the work and don't have the patience for "I meant the other blue, you know the one that looks like Brad Pitt's eyes" shit. I can turn the wrenches if  I Have to. I rather just supervise. Low end low margin.
  2. Marketing services, where the business is marketed directly. SEO, SEM, social media, local optimization. The fat middle where the bread gets buttered. Decent margin lots of work,
  3. Lead Gen - I own the asset and sell the leads to whoever the fuck I want to. Big Margin lots of set up.
Number 2 and 3 win I will do number one only if I get the work in number two.

I am working on a lead site that will launch soon. I will be using various methods to drive traffic and different techniques to drive visibility.

The average lead sells for $40.00 and my first goal is to get to 5 leads per day for 90 days then expand from there.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Waves and Having Fun With It.

Want to increase traffic to a blog or website? Publicly call out someone that is in the lime light. This will get others to notice and share the interaction via social media. This can serve quite a few purposes. The main thing though is increasing traffic then converting that traffic to subscribers, followers, leads or customers. All of those conversions equal income or potential income.

Just recently I called someone out for cobranding a report when they are supposed to be neutral in a very competitive space. This drove an insane amount of traffic to a few different websites this in turn will help us realize conversions in other places. One being out newly established automotive social network.

That is the thing not all traffic has to result in dollars today. Conversions have value and those conversions can provide long term profits that keep paying over and over again.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Are they Brining Anything to the Table

How do you drive traffic and make the most of it? There are always varying degrees of thought on how to best monopolize on traffic that is delivered. As a marketer I feel that all traffic should be monetized. So you are either looking for a conversion or delivering a service. That is the only traffic that matters as a marketer.

I do take a very hard line on it. While others look for conversion in other ways. For example Keith Latman and Seth Godin on their blogs look to inspire a different way of looking at things. That too is a conversion it just does not measure like monetary converion.

No matter what your goals are you as far as driving traffic go you need to always have an end goal in mind. Will it bring dollars, deliver a product, change a mind or even save a planet. Only you can define your purpose of delivering traffic. Just make sure it is concise and measurable.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Social Networking on the Web

It's funny when companies do things to help drive engagement. It is what I do for a living on a daily basis, help companies drive traffic and interaction from customers. Recently I noticed where a customer of high end dealership software compared two companies directly. One what the company I work for and that of the competitor DealerSocket.

What is amazing this was unsolicited and it makes both companies potentially draw a line in the sand to square off, if the right people notice. The real question is how can both companies try to cannibalize the potential traffic and sell more of their product.

I can see this working in favor of both companies and working against both companies. Not going to really delve into this but it will be fun to see how this plays out.